Neoheterandria elegans

Species/genus: Neoheterandria elegans

Also known as: Tiger Teddy

Origin: Columbia

Temp: 75 – 85°F (24 – 30°C)

Temperament: Females will flare and display but no harm is done. Elegans is a very tiny and shy species and need a tank of their own

Adult Size: females 1 in (2.5cm), the males are smaller

Minimum Tank Size: 5 gallon

Feeding: Baby Brine Shrimp, and other small live or frozen foods

Breeding: Livebearer, it reproduces in much the same way as Heterandria formosa, the female will drop 3 or 4 fry a day for up to a week.

Comments: Neoheterandria elegans is a very rare (in the aquarium hobby) tiny livebearer from the rivers of Columbia. This fish needs a species tank as it’s size and shyness makes it a poor candidate for a community tank. In time elegans might be trained to accept flake foods, but they clearly enjoy baby brine shrimp and small daphnia.