Top Ten Signs That You Are An Aquarium Fanatic

10. Your favorite book is “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” by Dr. Seuss.

9. You wonder what your fish are thinking.

8. You are at the beach and you think how happy your fish would be there.

7. You refuse to eat any seafood, or fish shaped crackers.

6. You think your fish must be happy since they’re smiling at you.

5. You talk to your fish more than your spouse.

4. You have your swimming pool removed in order to make room for a pond.

3. You have 10 different kinds of fish food, but only one box of cereal.

2. You wonder if there’s a way to set up an aquarium in your car.

And, the Number ONE sign that you are an Aquarium Fanatic…..

1. You bring bugs INTO your house!

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