Bull Frogs And Tadpoles

Common Name: Bull Frogs And Tadpoles
Latin Name: Rana catesbeiana Origin: America
Temperature: 65-75°F +, 18-24°C
Ease Of Keeping: Easy
Aggressivness: Very Easy Going/Peaceful
Lighting: All – only 8 hours a day
Adult Size: up to around 8 inches, 20cm
Minimum Tank Size: 20 Long for Adults, 2 1/2 for tadpoles
Feeding: Flakes and small Sinking Pellets for tadpoles, Flies and insects for adults
Spawning Method: Egglayer, but captive breeding can only be done under laboratory conditions and will require hormone injections.

Comments: The adult Bullfrog must have a half water half land tank. The Tadpole is very hardy and must have all water, it can live in the adult tank as long as there is enough water. I have found that the Bullfrog tadpole can acquire Ich and it will not respond to conventional chemicals treatments. You must raise the temperature and wait.