Fish Briefs

Near Lincoln, Neb.- A fisherman caught a 2-mouthed rainbow trout. You may have seen it on the news. Well, he decided to send the head to Harvard to let them study it. But he is keeping the other half of the fish. I guess he plans on eating it. Scientifically, I know that it should be fine to eat, but personally I just don’t think I could unless I was starving.
I am curious what the cause is myself. Is there a chemical that caused this, or just a random mutation?

Blue Spring State Park, FL-Sail fin Plecos have taken up residence. The problem? As winter is starting many manatees are migrating to the park. These fish enjoy eating the algae off the skin of the manatees, much to their dismay. This has caused them to move out more towards open water where they are more likely to get hit by boats. So think twice before letting that fish go. They are not from this area and the local animals that are already living here don’t want the unwelcome guests either.

Atlanta, GA – Now home to the world’s largest aquarium and individual tank. Over 8 million gallons of water total, 100 thousand fish. The tank has opened to much fan fare. Only the second aquarium in the world to house the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. Clips on TV have shown a pod of Beluga whales. I may just have to make the trip. The aquarium was built by the founder of Home Depot and is in the shape of a boat. If you find yourself in the south east US sometime, you may want to make the day trip.

Philadelphia, PA – A fish named Albert Einstein has been trained to do tricks like his mammal counterparts. The calico fantail goldfish has been trained to swim through hoops and even play underwater soccer. Think it is crazy? Well, they have even created a training kit and manual. So fish are smarter than some might think.

I have been considering boring you guys with some nerdy science stuff. So If you guys have any suggestions on topics please PM me and let me know. If you need a science based answer to satisfy your curiosity about how or why something happens relating to your aquariums/terrariums let me know and I will dig up all I can and attempt to explain it to the best of my ability. I hope everybody had a good 2005, and I hope 2006 is even better.

SteveK, Moderator Planted Tanks