Species/genus: Lepomis macrochirus

Origin : United States

Temperature : 60 to 75°F (15-24°C)

Ease Of Keeping : For the experienced aquariast only.

Aggressivness : Aggressive to very Aggressive. Must be kept with their own kind or other very aggressive fish.

Lighting : All

Adult Size : 10 inches (25cm) or larger

Minimum Tank Size : 20 gallons per adult fish.

Feeding : Live Foods, frozen brine, cichlid pellets

Spawning Method : Males construct nests in the gravel, Bluegills spawn much like Cichlids.The males are extremely aggressive when spawning.

Very territorial fish. As mentioned above 20 gallons a fish. Very easy to catch from ponds for pets.
Note the Bluegills preference for cooler water temperatures.