Yellowtail Damsel

Latin Name: Chrysiptera parasema
Origin : Pacific
Temperature : 72-78°F (22-26°C)
Ease of keeping : Very easy
Agressivness : Semi-aggressive
Lighting : Any
Size : 3 inches – 7.5cm
Minimum tank size : 5 gallons
Food : Marine pellet or flake is fine

Comments: The Yellowtail Damsel, also known as the Yellowtail Blue Damsel, is one of the best damsels to keep in your saltwater tank. They are fairly docile by damsel standards and stay smaller than most of the others. Salinity should be between 1.021-1.025, but I have heard of damsels thriving in up to 1.038. May fight with other damsels or clowns if housed in the same aquarium.