Small Saltwater Tanks – Part 2

It’s now Feb. 20th 1999, the tiny saltwater tanks have been going strong for over 2 months.I have had a greater than expected problem with excessive algae in the 5 gallon tank. The 10 has not been a problem at all. All the inhabitant are doing well; I haven’t added anything more, yet.

10 gallon tank This is the same picture as the one on the Tiny Tanks page, I’m just using it for a reference. Now 2 months later the tank looks practically the same, the only difference is in the algae covered rock in the foreground now has a sprouting of some kind of Macro-algae, it looks like a deers antler. Green algae in a saltwater tank is not a bad thing, it helps tp purify the water and balance the ph. Only when it gets excessive is it a problem.

Such is the case with the 5 gallon tank, although the problem is not all that bad, after all, how long does it take to wipe the glass on a 5 gallon tank.

This page is in response to all the email I get about the status of these tanks, and to try to convince a few sceptics that it will really work. It really is this easy, just fill the tank with at least a pound of live rock per gallon, use a powerhead for circulation and change about 20% of the water every month. Use LOW stocking levels, around 1 small one to two inch fish per 5 gallons (the tiny creatures on the live rock don’t count against the stocking level) and feed very sparingly.With marine fish it is always a good idea to use a quarantine tank or to let the petshop hold them for a week or 2 to make sure you are not going to introduce any diseases. Treatment of fish diseases in a tank with live rock is very bad, it will kill most of the little characters that make this tank so interesting.

One note of interest, the yellow-tail damsel in the 5 gallon tank has developed a unique way to get some food. As you may know a live rock – live sand tank has all kinds of little creepy crawlies in the gravel, and little yello has found out how to get to some of this bounty, he just faces up and fans his tail very vigorously toward the gravel and produces a cloud of sand and tidbits. Then he turns around and has a feast as the stuff falls back to the gravel.
This is very comical, the water clears right up and doesn’t cause any problems. So everybody’s happy, except for the tidbits.