Whitewater Airpumps

The Whitewater™ LT11 is enough airpump for all but the most extreme aquarist. I have had this airpump for about a year now and it will easily provide air for 24 outlets. It has been troublefree for the entire time and although I expected it to be noisy it is much quieter than I had thought. (Though still probably too loud for a Livingroom or Bedroom). However the pump can be located in an adjacent room if needed and an airhose ran to the 6-way splitter (provided with the pump).

I currently use a 4-way airvalve on each of the 6 nodes on the splitter, providing my fishroom with 24 outlets.

If you have to have MORE air theres a big brother Model LT15 that is twice as strong. Both pumps are easy to repair with available repair kits. Repair is a very simple 5 screw replacement.

I am well satisfied with this pump. I had tried several types and combinations of vibrator pumps and could never find any strong enough, this pump has solved my air problems.

I bought the Whitewater™ LT11 from aquacave.com for $69.95, easily one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for the fishroom.