Wal-Mart Filters And Cartridges

Just recently I started using Wal-mart for some aquarium equipment.
I noticed that the Aqua-Tech filters and cartridges resembled the Penguin Bio-Wheel too much. I looked at the filter cartridge box and noticed Marineland. I found out that the same company as the BioWheel makes them. Also it turns out that they are the same cartridge. They are half the cost as the “Name Brand” cartridges and filters and are the same thing. The filters downside is no bio-wheel but the appropriate fixture and wheel will fit. They are the same quality also. The cartridges are color coded like the penguins and fit the same. The 3 pack as pictured costs 5 dollars instead of 10. Also If you check it also has the same patented ribbed backing. I just thought that I would pass this along for a money saving tip for the hobby. It’s saved me a lot of money.