Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Review(Dec 2005 Issue)

Here Chris Ralph (Catfish expert and part time lecturer at Sparsholt college) tells PFK’s readers about the screwcumber in practical fishkeeping magazines “First sight” a section of the magazine dedicated to the review of new aquarium products.

I was recently sent a number of Screwcumbers for review. How many times does the average fishkeeper look around for odd pieces of plant weight to use when feeding foods such as cucumber, lettuce and courgette? One of the problems when using plant weights is that they soon disappear within the aquarium substrate, which is not, the case when using a Screwcumber.

The Screwcumber is made from stainless steel and is in the form of a helix, which allows you to literally twist the Screwcumber into the chosen food item, which also means that the food being used is not damaged by being bruised such as would be the case when using plant weights etc.

I have found that the Screwcumber makes positioning vegetable foods in the aquarium much easier as it is heavier than a plant weight and will drop where you want it, which also means that you can observe your fish feeding more readily.

My overall verdict is that this is an essential piece of equipment for all aquarists to use especially when offering veggie type foods. A simple yet brilliant and versatile product that will certainly form part of my feeding equipment from now on.

The Screwcumber is sold in packs of two costing just £2.99 plus p&p (currently £1.29), making this ingenious little device very affordable.

For further information about the Screwcumber please contact Opti-fish or ask your local retailer to order them for you.