Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder

I recently used the Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder while I was away from home for a week. I have seen this autofeeder at petco, petland and priced anywhere from $12 to $20.

The Nutramatic 2X uses 2 AA batteries and dispenses food every 12 hours. There are no timer settings and feeding starts when you insert the batteries so try to set it up at the time you want feeding to occur.

The clear container twists off easily to fill with food. The container will easily hold a half ounce of flake food when filled to capacity. I only needed to fill it by about 10% capacity for the time I was away. Adjusting the dispenser is easy as you only have to slide the opening to the desired width. The wider the opening the more food that will be dispensed.

I would definitely recommend that you start using the feeder a few days prior to leaving. This way you can adjust the feeder to dispense the right amount of food. This can take a few tries depending upon the food you use and the opening width you select. I used flake food and freeze dried bloodworms but needed to break up the pieces in order to dispense the right amount.

The feeder can be placed on top of the aquarium hood if the hood has an opening or it can be clipped on to the side of the tank with the adjustable clip which is what I did. The only drawback was I had to keep the aquarium hood opened to accommodate the feeder. I used some plastic wrap over the opened area to make sure the fish wouldn’t jump out. I’m thinking of getting a piece of glass cut to size with an opening for the feeder in the future.

Overall I was pleased with the Nutramatic although I thought it would be more convenient if there was a start switch. The batteries would easily last for months so there is no worry of power failure. If you’re thinking of going away for a week or two I would buy this feeder and feel confident that your fish will get fed without any problems.

Re:Nutramatic 2X Automatic Feeder Post by: Mugsy on September 30, 2005, 01:34:38 PM
I am so glad that you wrote this. I just ordered 5 of them from Foster and Smith for $11.99 for my divided 10 gallon Betta tanks. I haven’t used them yet. They are going to solve my vacation problems. My Bettas are in 2 to 3 gallon areas so I think the water will be fine for 2 weeks, although I do change the water 100 percent every week when I am home. The ad said it dispenses pellets too which is what I use.