Mardel Medications

The Mardel brand of fish medications are amazing. The tablets are easy to cut in case you don’t need the whole thing. For example: a 2 gallon betta bowl wouldn’t need the whole tablet since one tablet treats a 10 gallon tank. You can cut the tablet into quarters so you can properly treat the little bowl. The liqiud Ick medication they offer uses 10 mls for 10 gallons so again, if you only need the meds for a 2 gallon bowl you only add 2 mls to it. 1 ml per gallon, I personally really like that. It makes medicating my Betta much easier. The liquid meds for Ick is blue but it doesn’t discolor the water for long. Each packet of medications also comes with a booklet of information about all the different diseases your fish can catch and what medications you should use to treat which disease. There is also a drawing of each problem with a follow chart. You start at the top and read each column, which ever one you answered yes to, you follow down to the sub columns and on down until you reach a picture and a description of what is wrong and what it’s called. The meds work fast and you can also use certain ones with others to treat two problems at once. It says on the back of the box which meds can be used concurrently together. For example: you can treat Fin and Tail Rot, Popeye and Body Fungus with Maracyn and then if your unfortunate and your fish also has Ick, an internal infection or “true body fingus” you can treat it all at the same time for faster results. They also have a product that you can use to protect your tank from Ick for a month at a time.

On the other side of the booklet there are guides to the different medications, what they do, and a more indepth description of what might be wrong with your fish and some even have a description of how your fish may of contracted that disease.

All in all Mardel medications are great. Hope this was helpful to anybody having an anxiety attack over good meds! They have made my life easyer when it came to dealing with my fishy problems.