I recently bought a mag-float for use on my 75 and 40 gallon tanks. Being that I’m rather short, I hated having to try to clean algae off the back wall of the tank, since it was really difficult for me to reach. So when I saw an advertisement for the mag-float, and considered it’s price ($9.99 from I couldn’t help but buy one to try it out. When I got it in the mail, I immediately went to work on the 75, and I have to say, that I cleaned all the algae off in about 5 minutes! Some of it I did have to go over a few times, but absolutely all of it came off. It’s easy to use, and it floats, so when you pull the outside magnet away, the inside piece floats to the top. This has really helped me to cut down on the time it takes me to clean the tank sides. I completely recommend this product. It is far better and easier to use than those little algae scrubber pads. In short, spend the ten dollars and be pleasantly suprised at how well this little! tool cleans.