Python No-Spill Clean And Fill

EmeraldEmpress Said:
I just got a 50 foot Python water changer in the mail the other day, and I absolutely love it! It has cut my water change time in half! My husband was so excited about it that he had to “examine” the thing for a bit to figure out exactly how it works. I am curious though, how does everyone else feel about python’s? Has anyone had a bad experience? Please share your thoughts (good or bad) and let me know!

ShieldWolf Said:
Once you use it you’ll never go back to the bucket brigade. Only have had 2 bad experoence but wasn’t the equipments fault. Once when filling 1 of my tanks I was caught up in a show and the tank overflowed & the 2nd time I was on the phone & heard a weired gurgling noise. I had basically emptied out a tank.

Gen Gen Said:
do you have to remove the fish while doing this? i understand you can drain the tank (remove water) while having the other end able to hook up to the faucet…i was wondering, what do you do about water condtioner? that is if you dont remove the fish…wont the new water coming in (after the old water’s removed) harm the fish w/0 it being conditioned?

ShieldWolf Said:
No its not ncessary to remove the fish at all. I sometimes add the conditioner as I’m refiling the tank or as soon as it is done refilling. You should get one. It has really cut down the time & with 15+ tanks from 3 10s all the way up to 2x 125gs, water changes has become less of a chore

Gen Gen Said:
i plan on it, was going to sooner then later but i’m in need of anew light/hood for my 30 gal and some co2 units plus plants more… will have to haul the buckets a bit longer.

Yvonne Said:
I’d be lost without my phython. It’s cut my maintenance time down drastically, and also saves on my tired old body. The only problems I have had are the connector pieces (to connect it to the faucet) needing to be replaced. They aren’t too much $$$, so it isn’t so bad. BUT, the fact that I’ve had to replace them at least 3 times in 2 years does stink. I guess it’s what you get for plastic :/
I also had a terrible flood in the kitchen. It’s not the python’s fault, but wouldn’t have happened had I not been using the python : ). I forgot to run the garbage disposal before draining the tanks. I heard splashing of water in the kitchen. There must have been 20 gallons of water all over my kitchen floor…………it wasn’t pretty

BUT, it’s still one of the best things I could have purchased when it comes to fish keeping

Fredjikrang Said:
Yvonne, they sell a metal version of that peice.

EmeraldEmpress Said:
I personally also recommend that if you are going to get one, order it online from I got mine there for HALF of the price that they were charging for it at Petsmart! (even after paying for shipping)

racialfish Said:
I just got mine and used it and I LOVE IT. At first I thought my fish would die from chlorine because my tapwater has a lot of chloramines in it, but all you have to do is put the ammount of conditioner needed and the aeration gets the rest.
Overall I give it a 10 outa 10.

clevername3 Said:
when you are draining the tank, does the faucet need to be running?
I hate wasting water.

Jintek Said:
Yes, it does. That’s where the suction to remove the tank water comes from. However, they advertise “7 to 1” ratio meaning, for example, you can supposedly remove 7 gallons of tank water while using 1 gallon of tap-water to syphon it out. Somewhere I saw them say “drain large aquariums using the amount of water it takes to flush a toilet.”
I’ve only used mine once (got it last week), but I don’t think it took that much water.

Atomic Said:
when you are draining the tank, does the faucet need to be running? I hate wasting water.

not necessarily.
if your tank is the proper high to allow for a syphon to work, it will

when i am draining my tank, i turn the faucet on just long enough to fill the python with water.. then i turn it off and let the water syphon out.

clevername3 Said:
I guess thats good if you have your tanks on a floor above your sink.

Kunta Said:
I was at That Pet Place the other day and they don’t sell the Python anymore. At least they don’t have them online in the magazine or in the store. But they are selling another brand of the same thing, and they parts are compatilbe with the Python. Its only $34.99 plus shipping if you order offline. I haven’t seen the Python 50 ft for under 50 dollars anywhere even Wal-mart. I’ve even seen it for 75 and above. Here is a link to the new product they are selling.

So yeah i’m hoping to get this new gravel cleaner. Right now i’ve been using a gravel cleaner and a bucket to empty and a garden hose attacted to my kitchen sink to fill. When I fill I put Aquasafe in as i’m filling. Haven’t had a single problem other then overfilling a five gallon bucket getting snails out of my tank while my father in law was sitting on the couch watching TV. But the fish don’t seem to mind this at all.

GenGen Said:
I haven’t seen the Python 50 ft for under 50 dollars anywhere even Wal-mart

i got my 50 foot python a few months ago online at for $42 and change

Before you buy one of these, take the time to do your research. You can build one for around 20 bucks. Using parts from a water bed filler. Do an internet search on DIY Python and you will be surprised at how easy it is to make your own.

Name: brian
Comments: ive been looking at the python for several months now and finnaly bought one tonight I have two full grown oskers and I have to change and filter the water once a week, I would carry buckits all over the house which made my wife nervious, now I use the python and wonder why I dident buy one sooner, great pruduct will use it for ever, I always tell my kids work smarter not harder and this produt makes that saying true. my oskers love to play in the water when im filling the tank, if your thinking about buying one do it , the moneys worth it.

Name: Jenn G
Comments: Habe had one of these for about three years. Best $25 (@Wal-mart) I ever spent. With a 5 pound turtle in a 30 gal tank, I have to clean it about once every week & a half. This saves a ton of time and work. Only had to replace one fitting since I bought it. Can actually get my husband to use it too. Got one for my sister with 2 90 gal. koi tanks. Great purchase.