Interpet Range: Medication

scott2336 wrote:
Interpet has an excellent range of medications and treatments for remedying a variety of fish diseases and other problems. There are currently a total of 13 different types of treatments for the aquarium keeper, all designed to make dealing with a fish disease or plague of unwanted snails as easy as possible. The range includes medications, which deal specifically with bacterial and fungal outbreaks as well as larger pests such as snails and parasites. Following is the complete list of the Interpet treatments:

1. Fresh Start – Tap Water Conditioner
2. Flora Boost – Essential Nitrate-free Plant Food
3. Filter Aid – Polishes Water
4. Green Away – Clears Green Water
5. Liquisil General Tonic – Reduces bacteria, fungus and parasites
6. Anti White Spot – Cures White Spot Parasite Disease
7. Anti Slime and Velvet – Cures Slime Disease and Velvet Parasite
8. Anti Fungus and Fin Rot – Cures Fungus, Mouth Rot and Fin Rot
9. Anti Internal Bacteria – Cures Bacterial Gill Rot, Dropsy and Ulcers (plus other internal bacterial symptoms)
10. Methylene Blue – Traditional Disease Treatment
11. Anti Snail – Help Eradicate Nuisance Snails
12. Anti Crustacean Parasite – Eradicates All Applicable Parasites
13. Swimbladder Treatment – Cures Bacterial Swim Bladder Infections

Luckily, I haven’t had the chance to use all of the treatments. But the ones which I have used have been so effective, I’ve never turned to another brand. The ‘Anti Internal Bacteria’ treatment was a Godsend when my Betta Splendens began the symptoms of an infection. He was listless, pale in colour and wouldn’t eat anything I provided. On the verge of his death, I added some of the treatment (after studying the instructions provided) and within a few days he began to rise from the bottom of the tank and swim around. A few days more and he was eating some of his food and a few days more after that he had completely recovered; I was greatly relieved. Thanks to the Interpet, my Betta is still alive.

The ‘Anti Fungus and Fin Rot’ is good to have on hand also, just in case one or more of your fish start showing symptoms. I have used this treatment many times and never has it failed in the way of reliability. It stimulates the damaged finnage into recovery and kills off any unwanted fungal outbreaks. What a great brand!

From fishkeeping friends, I’ve heard that these treatments almost never fail to treat the problem in hand. Some of the treatments are good for new aquariums, some are good for regular/general use and others can be good when used to help newly introduced fish cope with the stress of being added to your aquarium.

If you would like to buy one or more of the treatments, they usually retail for around £3.99 and are available in 100ml bottles as the standard size. They are definitely worth the buy! The Interpet brand is only available in the UK, so I believe (a let down for you Americans and Canadians!).