Flake Foods Discussion

Frogger wrote:
I use TetraMin frequently.It is easily accesible also, very convienient. I use Tetramin, it seems to improve the color of my baby Oscars.

Im excited to try out this, TetraMin Pro. Has anyone bought that? Heres what they say:

TetraMin® Pro’s unique, low-heat process preserves more of the nutrients fish need to thrive and grow. TetraMin® Pro also contains an exclusive* ingredient that has been proven to enhance fish metabolism. When metabolism is efficient, less waste is introduced to water, so again, it stays clear.
Breeders especially will be happy to note that L-carnitine has also been shown to enhance fish fertility in certain breeds, and reduce the mortality rate of fish fry.

Has anyone heard of Dupla?

There is also “Omega One, First Flake”
It Contains ” fresh natural fats for strong appetite stimulation and energy. ” Could that make your fish aggressive? Just curious.

Shieldwolf wrote:
Flake wise I predominately use Tetra but have used flakes from other brands (Hikari, Nutrafin etc.) Have used Tetramin Pro before. I saw no difference in water clarity as opposed to regular Tetra flakes.
Never heard of Dupla. Have heard good things about Omega One and might just give it a try later on.

PPulcher wrote:
I use the Tetra pro crisps on occasion. I had a can of Dupla food back in the mid 90s, but it is long gone. It is a granular kind of thing, actually it reminds me quite a bit of commercial salmon starter foods. I’ve heard great things about the Omega One, but I’m having trouble finding it locally.

Nietzche wrote:
Dupla are the folks who bring us Latterite. Or maybe it’s flourite … no, I think it is latterite. As far as them making a fish food, I wasn’t aware of it.

Me, I like the Tetra-Min in the gold can – the “tropical crisps”. Although I don’t feed that because it’s “special food” … so I typically feed with regular Tetra-Min.

Yvonne wrote:
Me, well I just mix all brands of foods in a plastic container, and serve from there. SO, my fish get a little bit of everything.

Frogger wrote:
Also, Im feeding my oscars Hikari pellets…What household foods do they enjoy? Im not into “feeders”. I dont wanna hurt goldfish or risk HITH.

Yvonne wrote:
What household foods do they enjoy?

hahahha, anything they can fit into their mouth.

Household foods that our oscars got were beefheart, chicken livers, chicken pieces, veggies, and some others. As a treat, and for their enjoyment, we gave them large crickets.

Fry wrote:
Give ’em dog food when they get big!

Fredjikrang wrote:
I always use tetramin pro. The flakes are smaller and more substantial so it is easier to handle.

PPulcher wrote:
I just got some earthworm flake from a local breeder. The fish seemed to enjoy it, and the gross out factor from the wife was totally worth the price I paid for it

robbdj wrote:
we love the Aquarian Tropical Fish Flake Food when it comes to flakes around my house. It smells tasty and isn’t made with any weird checmicals. The hikari bio-pur Freeze Dried stuff is awsome too, just a little expensive, I gotta find someplace to buy that in bulk.

Muppet wrote:
my fish are so picky! Cami likes the Hikari baby pellets and blood worms, (She’ll jump out of the water an pick them off my finger)

Gonz only likes the blood worms, and the new guys only like the flakes but it does a number on the water. I have to change it every three or four days. I’m trying to get them off the flakes and onto the other foods.

(Also my bettas like chicken/turkey livers! EEWWW!)

jacaranda wrote:
I bought some TetraMin to try….. My tetras have a hard time eating it until it is completely saturated and even then it crumbles into a lot of dusty waste. With my angels other fish there is also quite a bit of waste. I think they are a bit too thick. It might be better for larger fish.

bobbittle wrote:
Give ’em dog food when they get big!

There is aboslutely no reason to ever give a fish dog or cat food. It’s not made for them and not healthy for them. Joanne wrote:
My tetras adore tetramin. At feeding time you would think they are absolutely starved the way they all dive to the top of the tank to get to it. They also love freeze dried bloodworms.

SteveK wrote:
I am of the opinion that most flakes are created equal. I generally use Wardley’s spirilina flakes mixed with tetra-min fine granules and nutra-fin regular flake. I have a large container that I mix them together in. But I only feed that 3 days a week max, the other days I feed frozen.