Emperor 400 filter

This is my reveiw of the Emperor 400 power filter made by Penguin.

Let me just start off by saying “WOW”, this filter is awesome. Some of you may be thinking what does the 400 in the name have to do with anything, well thats the amount of gallons of water this thing cycles in an hour. I had a Tetra 20 gal filter on my 20 gal tank it kept the water pretty clean but I wanted more. So I bought the 400 from www.drsfostersmith.com. They’re a little expensive but if you watch them they usally have really good sales on them for holidays and stuff.
Ok enough of that lets get down to brass tacks.

400 gal of water a hour(uummm yeah nough said) It comes with different length attachments for the down tube so it will fit any tank size. It has two biowheels so it offers lots of space for good bacteria growth.

Its a little big but come on that doesnt outweigh the 400 gal a hour Image
When you put it on the lowest setting it starts to make this odd clanking noise(but that might just be mine)

Ok I highly recomend this filter. Image So its got my seal of approval, what more do you need.

Name: Kathy Sindel
Comments: I find this filter to be very hard to re-start if you have to do cleaning or if power is interupted. I have to keep adding water to it until it “catches” the spray bars pump out the water faster than it can catch, so it is a pain to keep water in it to start.
Oh, and mine also makes that odd clanking noise when on the lowest setting.

Name: Peter Pan
subject: Emperor 280

Comments: I have my Emperor running for 5 years non-stop without any problems. The bio filter wheels never stopped on me. Excellent durability and performance and highly recommended!