Eclipse 7 Hex – Review

Review: Eclipse 7 Hex
Comments: I have had this tank for 8 months and I love it. I guess I can say something bad. The depth of the tank does not allow enough light to the bottom, so for having live plants, it’s not the best. Oh and most tools don’t reach to bottom, so there is some rigging that is needed to own one. That’s not really a bad thing though. The bio-wheel is great, it doesn’t make any noise, and the filters are easy to replace. I would suggest it to anyone. Marineland has great tanks, a tad expensive, but well worth it.

Name: Kelly
Comments: I bought the 7 gallon seamless elcipse hex 7 tank. I have had nothing but issues with this tank. Everything from the bio-wheel not proforming correctly to the filter system NOT FILTERING. I had only two small fish in this tank and the lighting is not the best.