Bag Buddies

Bag Buddies are a new product by Jungle Laboratories made for adding to fish shipping bags.
According to Jungle, Bag Buddies will:
Reduce stress in fish
Promote slim coat
Remove chlorine and harmful metals in the water
Add beneficial Electrolytes
Add oxygen to the water
Reduce ammonia buildup
In my experience with them I have to agree that the use of Bag Buddies has greatly helped prevent fish losses during shipment.
I generally only handle small types of fish, up to 2 inches. My standard procedure is to use ¼ to ½ of a bag buddie tablet to each 4X8 breather bag. Since I’ve started using this combination my shipping losses have just about became a non-issue. Just wait for appropiate weather and you shouldn’t have to worry about losing fish during shipment.

One source for Bag Buddies is kensfish