Bio-Wheel Filter Review

JKAqua wrote:
Um…I love my Bio-Wheel. It is very awesome. It is effective and quiet. The water stays crystal-clear. Of course, I have a goldfish, so I have to change the carbon cartridge often. I’m sure someone else here can be more technical.

When you are bored, you can look at the wheel-thing spin around.

bobbittle wrote:
I absolutely hate bio-wheels. The splashing noise they create is just plain annoying.

loachmotel wrote
i have a bio-wheel on my 10 gallon tank. the tank is literally about a foot from my head where i sleep. the noise it creates doesnt really bother me. it actually helps me sleep. it sounds like a soft stream. if you dont like the splashing noise but like the idea of the bio-wheel you could even rig it so the splashing doesnt happen. you can just put a piece of plastic or plexi-glass or something angled down from where the water drips to a little below the surface level(so when evaporation occurs it is still silent). this will reduce most if not all of the noise.

shrimpy wrote:
I’ve tried this with a piece of plastice before and it seemed to angle the water right back to the filter intake pipe and didnt let the water circulate around the tank. So only put in the piece of plastic at night when its too agitating

Blessed Silence wrote:
I love the BIO wheel. The sound is soothing. I put them #2 of my list of favorite filters. Just under a sponge filter. BIO wheels have alot of area for the bacteria to make a “home”.

SteveK wrote:
I am not a big fan. The wheel doesn’t spin so well after a while, even after rinsing it off, but I still use mine. I really haven’t noticed any difference in water quality in my tanks, I use 4 different brands of filters.

ritt wrote:
I got a Penguin Bio Wheel 330 for my 45 and although i havent had it long, i like it quite a bit. it wasnt insanely expensive as canister filters can be, it keeps the water clean and although some seem to be annoyed by the sound, mine is almost silent, its the air pump on my other tank that can get annoying.

Name: Brian Abrigana
Comments: I love my penguin 350 and emperor 400 theyre really good filters. Also, how fast the biowheel spins or wether the biowheel stops from time to time doesn’t matter. As long as the biowheel is spinning even if it is stopping and then starting again the water is getting biologically filtered.

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Comment : I have a mixed experience, a bio-wheel came with my 10 gallon tank, after setting it up the wheel spins and it’s dead silent. I used that as my basis for choosing a bio-wheel for my 30 gallon considering it an upgrade.. while it works, it’s the noisiest filter I’ve ever owned. I’m not sure what makes the difference between noisy and silent on these as the design is just a larger/smaller version of the same filter.
Posted by Tek on 2008-02-09
Comment : I have never had a bio wheel work. I usually end up with them in tanks that are given to me, so they are not brand new, but I cannot figure out how to get the dang thing to spin 🙁
Posted by Savannah on 2006-09-02