AHsupply.com Lights

Fredjikrang wrote:
I bought a 2×13 watt bright kit for my 10 gallon and it is great! The tank is really bright and my plants definatly enjoy the extra light.
My only complaint is that the holes for the screws in the reflector don’t match exactly with the holes in the sockets, and so are a bit more difficult to install. Other than that this kit was exceptionally easy to install!

robbdj wrote:
I just checked out the website, and looks like you’d be better off shopping around a bit. For example, they have a 2x96PC kit for $114.99 this doesn’t include bulbs so say 33 for a white bulb and 37 for a blue bulb, but you can’t control them sepratly, you’re up to $185.97, and all you still have at this point is a reflector and ballest and some wires, you have to wire and builld and enclosure for it.

Just to compare, I got a price last week from my LFS for a finished Custom SeaLife 2x96w PC with moon-light LED for $249.00 with one 10k and on Actinic bulb included. I’m sure I could probally even find it cheaper if I looked around, but with all the freebies and cheepies I’ve gotten from there, I’ll happily pay that for it (once the pay cycle and job stuff settles down)

Fredjikrang wrote:
The good things about AH supply are that their reflectors really are top of the line, as are their ballasts. You can make an LED moon light for about $10, not of the same brightness as the commertial ones, but there is a much smaller chance of having problems with it. So you spend $70 less for more light in the color you want it, but you have to make a wood box to put it in. Sounds like a deal to me!

Also, you can control the lights seperatly for another dollar or two at the local radioshack.

I would still rather buy an AH kit for most things.

robbdj wrote:
I’m still not convinced so with 3 moon lights (at $10 for three of them? or $10 each) plus say $30 for a box to put it in we’re up to 236 – 266 and that’s not including a fan and that’s not including my time to build everything. Or I can walk into the LFS and drop $249 and walk out, plug it in and be done (I actually found it for $206 someplace online, but like I said, there is more value for me to buy it from him).

I’m not trying to say that ahsupply.com isn’t a great company, I’m sure they are, but ‘Do it yourself” isn’t always as good as a deal as people might think. And a trip to you LFS often nets you more then you’ll ever get online (like my free coco worm)

Fredjikrang wrote:
I meant $10 total (for the moon light) for a tank. My box for my 10 gallon would have cost maybe $10 total with waterproof coating, it is just some MDF and some spare screws. For a 55 I could probably make one for $25. Took maybe two hours total, and most of that was done while waiting for other things to finish. You don’t need fans if you design the thing right. Also, it is hardly fair to count time as money in this case, after all you aren’t earning money 24/7, otherwise just maintaining fish tanks would cost you a lot.


I agree that DIY isn’t always as good, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on something, but, if you want the best of something, DIY is often your only option.

Again, I highly recomend AHsupply, just be sure that you are willing to spend a little time for a suppior product. It is one of those areas in which DIY is still competative.