Aquatic Gardens – the most complete mini aquarium (2 gallon hex)

I give it five thumbs down.

well it was a good deal… on sale for $15, free shipping , comes with just about everything you can think of cept the fish and water lol

so good a deal i purchased two online from petco

first two arrived cracked.

second shipment of replacements= one cracked… big dent in box like some one’s shoe mark

called the customer service, was informed by sales rep to and i quote “dispose of the damaged tank and they’ll send me a replacment” since it was just the one tank out of a two shipment and it was a replacment taking place they weren’t taking it back, just sending a new one

I tell sales rep i want extra padding in the box this time.

third shipment arrives yesterday… anyone’s guess?? got extra padding… and…

yup sucker was cracked too… no damage to box.

Called.. told them i’ve had it. i want refund… they say repackage and send back when they recieve it i’ll get my refund (rolls eyes) how bout i wait for a new undamaged tank and then pay them?? thats what their doing to me.

3 shipments
5 tanks total
1 usable.

I”m not telling you not to buy this product but I certainlywont ever buy such products like this from this company again.. I have however bought a filter from them thats great…

so products and brands vary..

lifewebdesign wrote:
Well, if you won’t say it, I will! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! I went through the exact same thing! Finally, I decided to take the trip and go to a Petco to swap it. Well, I get there and good thing my wife suggested looking in the boxes! 4 out of 5 of the tanks they had on the shelf were cracked! The sales rep I spoke to said that they have had nothing but problems with this tank and this company and that Petco was probably going to stop carrying Aquatic Gardens merchandise altogether. I don’t know if he was just trying to placate me or not. These tanks are nice…..when you can manage to get one that doesn’t look like it’s been through a war!

GenGen wrote:
right, 4 out of 5 for me SHIPPED were cracked. and yup the sales rep at my nearest petco an hour away told me she got hundreds in like that. so i found one , actualy the first one i picked up that wasn’t cracked and swapped it..

erm…course i ended up walking otu of the store with two crown tail bettas and two others that were realy cool looking (searches for that dam halo again) oh hubby got two bettas and a flounder so see..i wasn’t alone

lifewebdesign wrote:
Well, think of the Bettas as a little compensation for having to do all that extra work! LOL

freedomengineer wrote:
I just brought one of these for a project, I want to use the hexagonal shape, not as a tank. However, I flame-tested the clear cover to try and ensure that it is actually made of acrylic. Assuming that the tank is made of the same material as the clear plastic cover, (seems to be) it appears that these guys used POLYSTYRENE rather than acrylic, which would explain all the cracking. See for some more info.
Petco says this is a “two-gallon acrylic aquarium.” But they don’t make that claim anywhere on the box.

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Aquatic Gardens – the most complete mini aquarium (2 gallon hex)
Comments: I think this review should be about Petco’s shipping problem, not the tank. Because I bought one from ebay and it came to me as new. Nothing wrong at all. So I think you should yell at petco.