Gel-Tek Foods Review

A couple months ago, I was browsing through my LFS, and saw that they had started carrying a new food. Gel-Tek. I quickly flagged an employee, pointed at the bottle, and asked, as politely possible, what the heck Gel-Tek was, and why it was in the foods section.

Basically, Gel-Tek is a “liquid” food that comes in a dropper bottle. Unlike most liquid foods, however, Gel-Tek does not disperse into the water. When you add a drop, the drop of food actually forms a “bead” in the water that is easily visible to and eaten by larger fish. Designed to be offered as the only food in a feeding, at least twice a week, Gel-Tek is greatly beneficial for the health of your fish.

Gel-Tek also contains natural fish pheromones to stimulate feeding behavior. I have had no problems getting even the pickiest betta to down her Gel-Tek twice a week.

Gel-Tek comes in four variants:
Ultra Color FX – Contains a vitamin blend specifically designed to enhance color. I have been testing this with two groups of bettas. One group fed a regular diet, and the other group fed the same diet, but supplemented with Gel-Tek twice per week. The difference is quite noticeable. The Gel-Tek group has gained much more vibrant color and seemingly greater overall health compared to the control group.

Ultra Gro VX – contains spirulina as well as vitamins and minerals, this is designed to build healthier immune systems.

Ultra Cure PX is a medicated form of Gel-Tek designed specifically to treat internal parasites (note that you would dose it more often than 2x per week to treat an illness).

Ultra Cure BX is similiar to PX, but it is designed with bacterial infections in mind.

The feeding enhancers in the Ultra Cures mean that it is relatively easy to give medicated food even to fish that normally shun such things.

While I personally have only used Ultra Color and Ultra Gro, I have talked to several people who swear that the Ultra Cure works wonderfully.

It is hard to evaluate the health of a fish’s immune system, but since I started using Ultra Color and Ultra Gro, I can see a marked difference both in vibrance of coloration and in overall activity and apparent health of my fish.

Gel-Tek products should be available at your LFS. If not, and other online aquatics stores carry them.

Name: Alison Comments: Gel-tek also makes this product in Penicillin, Ampicillin, Tetracycline, Neomycin and Erythromycin. You can get these at Petco (or have them ordered for you from there: just ask) or I found them online at also.