Texas Cichlid – Notes

Common Name: Texas Cichlid
Latin Name: Cichlasoma cyanoguttatum
Origin: Texas, North Mexico
Temperature: 68-77°F (20-25°C)
Ease Of Keeping: Moderate
Aggressivness: semi-aggressive, should be kept with others same temperment
Lighting: doesent matter
Adult Size: 11-12″ (26-30cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 55 gallon
Feeding: pellets, live food, veggies
Spawning Method: egglayer, like all other cichlids

This is one of the easiest Cichlids to spawn, on par with Convicts. Females may breed when as small as two inches in length. This fish is easy to sex; usually have a largish black spot on the spiny portion of their dorsal fins that males lack; males have a hump-like area on their foreheads and longer, more pointed unpaired fins.

Slightly elevated temperature (more than 72 F.) and regular water changes are generally enough to trigger or re-trigger spawning. Take note that this species is a prodigious multiplier, several thousand young can be produced per spawn.

Sexing: Female has black blotch on dorsal fin. Female is usually thicker and taller.