Telmatochromis Spp. “Orange Scribble”

Telmatochromis Spp. “Orange Scribble” Pair, © Clint Norwood

Telmatochromis Spp. “Orange Scribble” Pair, © Clint Norwood

Species/genus: Telmatochromis Spp. “Orange Scribble” (Not yet officially named)

Origin: Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Temp: 68 – 81°F (20 – 27°C)

Temperament: Agressive

Adult Size: 3 ½ in (9cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 15 gallon

Feeding: All foods accepted

Breeding: Cave or cavity spawning Cichlid. May sometimes use shells if available

Comments: Telmatochromis Spp. “Orange Scribble” is a new species coming out of Lake Tanganyika. It has not been officially named by scientists. They are very easy to keep and feed. Although as with most Rift Lake African Cichlids they prefer alkaline water, neutral and up is fine as long as it’s clean. Healthy adult pairs will have fry or be in the process of producing more fry almost continuously.

Scribs are a small fish, getting up to 3½ inches, but they seem to be bigger. They are much chunkier than other Telmatochromis. They are also much more aggressive than the usual Dwarf Tanganyikan Cichlid and will fiercely defend their territory.

This is a very hardy and disease/problem free fish. Just provide them with clean water and a few caves, shells or other hiding places and they will reward you with lots of fry.