Malawi Trout

Common Name: Malawi Trout, Trout Cichlid

Latin Name: Champsochromis caeruleus

Origin: Lake Malawi

Temperature: 75 – 82

Ease Of Keeping: advanced

Aggressivness: Large aggressive piscavore

Size: over 14 inches

Tank Size: 150 gallons min.

Food: Feed a high quality flake (Large) or pellets

Spawn: Maternal mouth brooder

Comments: This is one of the largest predators in Lake Malawi. It is an open water predator. Due to it’s large size care should be taken in the choice of tankmates. The tank should have ample room for free swimming. This large predator should not be kept in a tank smaller than 150 gallons with over 200 gallons being ideal It needs lots of swimming space.