The Kennyi Cichlid

Common Name: Kennyi Cichlid

Scientific Name: Pseudotropheus Lombardoi

Origin: Lake Malawi

Ease Of Keeping: Easy

Aggressiveness: Very aggressive

Feeding: Live food, flakes, frozen food

Sexing: Females are blue with black stripes, and Males are a vibrant yellow

Temperature: 25 – 30°C (77-86°F)

pH: 7.0 – 8.0

A relatively easy fish to keep and is a great addition to a cichlid tank. Whether the cichlid is male or female can’t be determined until they are about 5cm. Kennyi cichlids definitely add colour to any tank but make sure you place them in tanks with other cichlids of the same aggressiveness, not weaker fish otherwise the kennyi will attack and bully the weaker fish.