Melanchromis Auratus

Common Name: auratus
Latin Name: Melanchromis Auratus
Origin: Lake Malawi, Africa
Temperature: 78-82°F or 26-28°C
Ease Of Keeping: medium, not too hard, it’s just because of its aggressiveness
Aggressivness: very aggressive
Lighting: Not critical
Adult Size: 4 inches or 10cm
Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons bigger is better
Feeding: Readily eats foods prepared for cichlids. Worms can cause problems for African Cichlids so don’t feed them that. It will appreciate some vegetable matter in its diet. I don’t recommend feeder fish.
Spawning Method: Mouth brooding method

Comments: A more aggressive African cichlid. It should only be kept with other species from Lake Malawi in my opinion. I don’t think African cichlids from different lake should be mixed, but that’s just my opinion. It will dig up plants so keeping plants with it will be hard. A very enjoyable fish!