Haplochromis sp. 44 “Red Tail”

Male Haplochromis sp. 44 “Red Tail” © H. Blair Howell

Common Name: sp. 44

Latin Name: Haplochromis sp. 44 “Red Tail”

Origin: Lake Victoria

Temperature: 75 – 82

Ease Of Keeping: advanced

Aggressivness: Highly aggressive

Size: 4 – 5 inches

Tank Size: 30 gallons

Food: Feed a good quality flake food

Spawn: Maternal mouth brooder

Comments: This is a highly aggressive cichlid as are most Victorians. Like many of the Victorians this fish may be extinct in the lake due in a large part to the introduction in the 1950’s of Nile Perch to Lake Victoria. Nile Perch are a large(up to 300 lbs) predator and have all but wiped out the cichlid populationin the lake. The male pictured is my 3 year old and while he shows beautiful markings his mouth is not quite right due to lots of fighting over his lifetime.