Green Terror – Aequidens Rivulatus

A Green Terror © Shaney

A Green Terror © Shaney

Common Name: Green Terror

Latin Name: Aequidens Rivulatus

Origin: South America

Temperature: 72-80°F )22-27°C)

Ease Of Keeping: Easy-Medium (depends on tank size and contents)

Aggressivness: Fairly Aggressive (especially when spawning)

Lighting: Not too bright

Adult Size: 8 inches (20cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 40 inches (100cm)

Feeding: Anything really. Likes live foods a lot (especially bloodworms, thats my experience)

Spawning Method: Good water condition and the pair should get along as well. Thats it.


Awsome fish. Work great with Fire Mouths, Jack Dempseys, Plec’s and other large fish. I’ve found that single specimens are less aggressive towards tank mates than if they are paired off. Provide lots of caves and plants for territory establishment. Slate makes a great place for spawning, but beware of protective parents. They seem to like wood structures in their territories. They also like to move things, like rocks and other fish, to suit they’re needs. Really nice fish, so if you have a tank with enough space and suitable tank mates seriously consider one.