Pseudocrenilabrus philander “Beira Gold”

Species/genus: Pseudocrenilabrus philander “Beira Gold”

Origin: Rivers of Southern Africa

Temp: 68 – 81°F (20 – 27°C)

pH: Around Neutral, but not critical

Temperament: Mildly Agressive, more so when spawning.

Adult Size: 4 in (10cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallon

Feeding: All foods accepted

Breeding: Mouthbrooding Cichlid, very prolific

Comments: “Beira Gold” is a very beautiful semi-dwarf Mouthbrooding Cichlid from the tropical rivers of Southern Africa. It is very closely related to the more familiar Eqyptian Mouthbrooder. Beira Gold are somewhat shy, but oh so colorful. The males have all the color however, the females are smaller and much less colorful. That is natures way for them to be harder to see and catch, thus live to spawn another day.

This is a very hardy and easy to keep Cichlid.