History Of The Betta

Common Name: Betta
Latin Name: Betta Splenden
Origin: Thailand
Temperature: 75-80°F, 24-27°C
Ease Of Keeping: Easy
Aggressivness: Males aggressive to own species, females get along with other females. (Will live with other species)
Adult Size: 2″ (5cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 1 gallon
Feeding: Pellets, Live Foods
Spawning Method: Bubblenest builders

Lets rewind a bit…and stop ! Ok we are now in Siam about 150 years ago. This is where the Betta craze started. In the present time Bettas are more commonly kept as pets (like you would keep a goldfish) but where we are now Bettas were used for fighting (this is why Bettas are often called Siamese Fighting Fish). This was a very popular form of entertainment for the people of Siam. They would even bet on the fights! The king of Siam decided to license them and he also joined the craze.

These Bettas had none of the beauty of the Bettas of today, they were brown, short finned, fish, which were commonly found in little streams and the rice paddies.

In 1850 the King of Siam gave some of best fighting fish to a man who inturn gave them to another man named Dr. Theodor Cantor. Nine years later this Dr. named the species Macropodus Pugnax.

59 years later Mr. Tate Regan realised that there was already a species with this name, so Mr. Tate Regan renamed them Betta Splendens, the name which is used in the present time.

In 1896 Bettas moved their way into Germany and then in 1910 they began their move into America. This was the beginning of the Betta craze. Since then their popularity has incresded immensly.

In 1927 the very first shipment of colored, long finned Bettas made their move into the US. They were sent to Mr. Frank Locke. It was from here that the Betta explotion began. From there on tons of new colors emerged and it all started!

Since then breeders have been workng to create more strains and colors.

So we now fast forward to the present…and stop !