Betta Fin Varieties

Common Name : Betta, Siamese Fighting Fish
Latin Name : Betta splendens
Origin : Thialand
Temperature : 70-80°F (21-27°C)
Ease Of Keeping : Easy
Aggressivness : Very agressive towords eachother
Lighting : Normal
Adult Size : 3″
Minimum Tank Size : 1/2 gallon
Feeding : Pellets,Bloodworms
Spawning Method : Put one male betta in a half full10 gallon tank until he makes a bubble nest then add the female.

Veil Fin: A pet store Betta found in any pet store. In fact most Betas found in pet stores are Veil fin. This kind of Betta is a mutt, not a pure breed, it’s usually a cross breed between two pure breed Betas. This particular fish has a variety off colors blue, royal blue, red, rainbow, green and more.

Crown Tail: This kind of Betta is a very beautiful Betta with fins that look like a crown. Its one of the newest kind of Bettas and may come in different colors. I personally would name this my favorite Betta.

Comb Tail: A genetic feature that makes this kind of Betas fins spread thus looking like a comb.

Half Moon: This is actually a Betta with fins spread out at 180 degrees thus looking like a half moon. Half moons were a very rare type of Betta, but now are common with many different colors to chose from.

Double tail: Basically a Betta with two tail lobes it also has twice a dorsal fin. Its actually said that it is double the Price Image. It is one of the largest Bettas.

Delta tail: Delta tail was actually the reason a Half Moon Betta exsist. It was the first step. The Delta tails tail is actually close to a triangular shape.

Fan Tail: A fan tail Betta almost looks like a oriental fan. Its basically a spread tail with rounded edges.