Making A Spawning Mop

Here is a step by step method of making spawning mops for killifish and other egglaying fish.
You’ll need a skien of yarn from a craft store or the craft section of a department store. Be sure to get either the acrylic or other man-made type of yarn and not the natural wool type.
Before you begin you need to get all your materials and tools together. Your needs are pretty simple for this project, all you need are: A skien of yarn (color is your choice, fish really don’t care), a pair of scissors and a medium sized book.

Step 1: Start wrapping the yarn around your book as shown. Wrap about 50 times for a good thick mop.

Step 2: Cut the free end of the yarn, and then cut another small piece to use to tie off the yarn in the middle as shown.

Step 3: Tie the yarn together tightly as shown.

Step 4: turn the book over and cut the yarn as shown.

The finished product. easy wasn’t it?

I have made 4 mops from this skien already and theres still enough yarn to make several more.

As an added precaution I usually place all the new mops in a microwavable container full of water and heat on high for 1 to 2 minutes. This sterilizes the mops and will show you if the mops may be leaching out some of their dye. I have never had a problem with dye but I still feel better about the mops if I microwave them. I believe this process makes them sink more readily also.
If you want your mops to float or stay near the top you can tie on a cork or even use a small pill bottle as a float. I just put one of the strands inside the pill bottle and close the cap over it thus attaching the mop to the bottle.

Happy Spawning!