Coconut Fiber

Coir, more commonly known as coconut fiber is a great substitute for the many aquarium hobby uses for peat moss. It has all the properties and uses of peat moss with the advantage of NOT altering the pH of the water.
This is especially good for soil spawners like Nothobranchius, a killifish that does very poorly in acidic water.

Coir also makes a much better bedding for grindal and white worms, who also dislike acidic conditions.
Coir seems to be more fluffy and open than peat moss. And last but not least Coir is a renewable resource, unlike peat moss which is not.

Coir comes in compressed “discs” which will expand 8 to 12 times in volume upon being wet.

Using the cocnut fiber disc is super easy, just soak it overnight and it’s ready for use.

A close-up of coir in the aquarium

Another Notho spawning set-up, observed by Frankie, who
is a real nutty guy.

Coir as a substrate in a Nothobranchius spawning set-up