Aphyosemion Striatum The Five-Banded Killifish

Aphyosemion Striatum is one of the most beautiful fresh water fish in the world. When in spawning colors it rivals even marine fish. A. Striatum is very easy to breed in captivity. Just add a few mops, some java moss, water, and food, and you will have tons of eggs. In the wild they lay eggs in hornwort or java moss that floats on the surface. Feeding never seems to be a problem with my two pairs. They accept Wardley Flake, AquaDine, frozen foods, freeze-dried foods, but they relish live foods, if you want to get a few eggs quick, just feed two or 3 meals of live mosquito larvae for a few days.

Family: Cyprinodontidae

Common names: Five-Banded Killi

Origin: Africa, Guinea

Size: One and a half to two inches

Temperament: Peaceful to other fish, but aggressive at times among males

Feeding: Flake, frozen, freeze-dried, paste, live

Breeding: Very easy, the male wraps around the female, dives into the mop or moss and then vibrates.
Just feed them, give them mops, give them moss, and let them breed.

Lifetime: One to two years