Fundulopanchax scheeli

Origin: Africa

Temperature: 68 – 77°F (20 – 25°C)

pH: 6 – 7.5 dH: Soft

Temperament: Males might sometimes fight. 2 males in the same aquarium will often fight, but if you have a group of males they will usually get along.

Adult Size: Up to 2 1/2 in (6.5cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 1 gallon to 2 1/2 gallon bowl for a trio

Feeding: Best results with live foods, but will accept frozen and some dry food.

Breeding: A Switch Spawning Killifish, with about an 2 week incubation period in water and 3 weeks in moist peat.

Comments: Fundulopanchax scheeli is a switch spawning killifish from the streams and marshes of Africa. It is very similar to the Gardneri complex, in appearence and maintainence as it is also easy to keep and spawn.

A pair or trio can be comfortably kept in a 2.5 gallon tank. scheeli are usually peaceful, but the males are sometimes rough with a single female and if only 2 males are in a tank they will tend to fight. When keeping just about any Killifish it is better to keep either 1 male to a tank or 3 or more to a tank for this reason.

I obtained 2 pairs of scheeli on January 30th, 2002. So far (in one week) I have collected about 50 eggs from 1 pair that I have set-up for spawning. The other pair (pictured on this page) are also spawning but I am going to attempt to let them produce some fry using the “Natural Method”.

I am very happy with these fish, they aren’t the least bit shy and are always out in the open making a beautiful display.

Special Note: If you want tons of Scheeli set-up a pair with a 5 or 10 gallon tank with an under-gravel filter, feed them good for 2 weeks and watch for an invasion of fry. My breeder pair doesn’t eat thier fry, but some do, If you have doubts just remove the pair after the 2 week spawning period and raise the fry alone.

spawning scheeli

As you can see the female in front is colorful, but no comparison to the male.

I LUUUV You Baby

Easy to keep, prefering temperatures in the low 70’s but will do fine between 68 and 77°F.
Easy to feed, will accept live, frozen and some dry foods.

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