Blue-Eyed Rice Fish

Common Name: Blue-Eyed Rice Fish

Latin Name: Oryzias Javanicus

Origin: India

Temperature: Mine do fine at 65-80°F, 19-27°C

Ease Of Keeping: VERY EASY!!

Aggressivness: Passive

Adult_Size : 1-1½” (2½ – 3 cm)

Minimum_Tank_Size : 2½ Gallons

Feeding: Frozen brine shrimp or daphnia, anything live. Oryzias will eat ground up flakes, but not happily.

Spawning Method : Egg layers, easy, 12-14 day inc.

Comments: This is a great fish for the beginner killi hobbyist, although not technically a killifish, it has the same breeding methods as many of the Aphyosemion and Fundulopanchax species. The hardest part is finding the fish, as they are not readily available.
The female can often be seen swimming around with a cluster of eggs attached, it looks similar to a cluster of grapes. This is an unusual trait that is limited to the Oryzias Genus.