Nothobranchius korthausae

Origin: Mafia Island, Africa

Temp: 68 – 86°F (20 – 30°C)

pH: 6.5 – 8 dH: Medium To Hard

Temperament: Just about all male Nothobranchius will sometimes fight. But Korthausae are one of the gentler representatives of the genus. They are not as hard on the females either. My set-up is a 5 gallon tank with 4 males and 6 females; this seems to be a good combination. There is some flaring sometimes but overall they get along very well. This fish is very productive. My original start with this fish was a 1 days spawn that I got from Robert Meyer in a trade. From this one days spawn I got about 20 fry, mostly males, and thinned it down to my present population.

Adult Size: Up to 1½ inches (4cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 1 gallon to 2½ gallon bowl for a trio

Feeding: Best results with live foods, but will accept most standard Aquarium food.

Breeding: A Soil Spawning Killifish, has a somewhat short incubation period of 6 to 10 weeks.

Comments: A very pretty and under appreciated killie. This would be an excellent introduction for beginner killie keepers. The local population code of the specimen pictured above should be named in my opinion the “Tiger Fin Killie”