Glass Catfish

Species/genus: Kryptopterus bicirrhis

Origin: Indonesia

Temp: 70-78°F (21-25°C)

pH: 7 + – dH: Not critical

Temperament: Shy and individuals do not fair well alone, needs a few companions of their own species to thrive.

Adult Size: 3in (7.5cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 10 gallon

Feeding: Prefers some live foods but will eat frozen foods and flakes.

Breeding: Not known to spawn in captivity

Comments: The glass catfish is named for it’s completely clear body color. It is also an unusual catfish in that it swims in the midwater region of the aquarium, not on the bottom. It will school at times, and it must be stressed that this fish will die of lonliness without companions of it’s own species.