Keeping And Spawning Corydoras Catfish

Origin: South America

Adult Size: Up To 3 inches (7.5cm)

Water Conditions: Soft To Slightly Hard

Preferred Temperature: 68-80F (20-26.5C)

Cute, comical, hardy and friendly, this common aquarium fish adds activity to the lower regions of the tank. Classified as a scavenger, Corys will clean up excess food, up to a point. But they are not garbage disposals and won’t eat fish wastes or old rotten food, and they are not a substitute for proper aquarium maintenance.
This little catfish is a snap to spawn. Just condition the adults for a week or two in a separate spawning tank of about 10 gallons. Feed large amounts of chopped earthworms and/or grindal worms and keep the water especially clean. On the night before you want them to spawn change about 2 gallons of water and replace it with some cool water of about 60F, this prompts them to spawn. The next morning you will most likely find clusters of eggs attached to the walls of the aquarium. Remove the adults and in about 5 days the eggs will hatch. The fry can be fed micro worms or baby brine shrimp with a little crushed flake food added after about a week.

The common Bronze Cory, © Eric Smith
The Peppered Cory, © Eric Smith

The Pygmy Cory, © Tode99

Name: BettaBubbles Comments: That is right, but we got ours to spawn without any conditioning at all in the 10g they live in with some danios!