Chinese Algae Eater

Common Name: Chinese Algae Eater, Chinese Sucking Loach, Indian Algae Eater

Latin Name: Gyrinocheilus aymonieri

Origin: Thailand

Temperature: 75-86° F (24-30° C)

Ease Of Keeping: Easy

Aggressivness: It gets pretty aggressive as it ages

Lighting: Any lower lighting prefered

Adult Size: 8 inches (20cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons

Feeding: algae wafers, flakes, pellets,algae… pretty much anything


Do not keep with flat boddied slow moving fish. They appreciate plants, and caves, but they MUST have a place to hide.

Be carefull of this fishes temper. It can be very mean, and you should only keep one per tank.

Commonly sold, it is usually labeled a “algae eater”. These fish are great for brown algae, I bought mine a few days ago, and as soon as it was added to the tank, it started eating the brown algae.

Visitor Comments:

Name: kyle hazen
Comments: I had my chinese algae eater for 3 years. the name is completly over rated…but im very sure that it helps with sales. yes they are great when they are younge, like the first 6 months of there life then after that they give up on algae and decide that flaks are much easer to eat. I have 2 of these fish they are great fish, fun and energtic. they also come in the brown color aswel as yellow and then combinations of half brown and yellow and than differnt combinations of those same colors

Name: Patrick Sills
Comments: I would say this is a great fish to have in the tank, it does a reallly good job with the gravel, plant leaves andlike siad above loves caves. He fights with my Red Tailed Shark a lot over the cave so definitly have a cave or something for it.

Name: birdboy
Comments: My CAE is five maybe 6 years old and still eats algae but is super agressive to any other fish on the bottom of the tank