Bronze Corydoras

Common Name: Bronze Corydoras

Latin Name: Corydoras aeneus

Origin: South America: Trinidad, Venezuela to La Plata

Temperature: Temp: 22-26°C, 72-80°F

Ease Of Keeping: Relatively Easy, Although some experience may help.

Aggressivness: Peaceful community fish

Lighting: Basic Lighting

Adult Size: 3″, 7 cm

Minimum Tank Size: 5 Gals (for one)

Feeding: They may except good quality flakes, but live foods, freeze dried foods and quick sinking pellets are recommended.

Spawning Method: Typical for the subfamily

These little social guys are classified as a schooling fish, meaning it is a essential to have these guys in a school (4 is recommended).
With only 1-2 they may not be as active and will not live the full life they deserve.