How To Start An Aquarium Society(Part 4 of 4)

One of the most important things you need to do for your club is to find sponsors. Sponsors are the generous local and national companies that will supply you with the goodies that keep your members coming back. People love the chance to try new products and most companies love to get new customers. I began my search for sponsors by talking to other clubs and seeing who and where they contacted their sponsors. After getting a few leads this way I also opened up two very important items. The phone book for my local aquarium related businesses and then my favorite hobbyist magazine for my corporate sponsors. You should begin the undertaking of finding sponsors by creating a professional looking letterhead with your clubs logo and contact information. Then introduce yourself. Explain to them who you are and what the items they donate will do for the club. The items they donate for the raffles and auctions will help to raise money to cover other club events and the cost of providing this service to the local community. Let them know that in return you will advertise their company in the form of your website and your newsletter. This works very well when you are talking to the local aquarium shops, it shows that you will be sending customers their way, and what business doesn’t want customers. Now for the local sponsors this is a little different. In order to fully explain who you are you need to visit their store. Ask to speak to the manager or owner, explain to them in a polite way who you are. And if you have flyers their be prepared to leave a few of them in the store. On the topic of sponsors it is very important not to seem like you are pestering them. After mailing those letters out keep track of who and where you sent them, most companies will be glad to respond to them, but be patient. If you have contact names don’t be afraid to call them. Begin by introducing yourself and asking if they received your letter. It also helps that when you receive your package call them to let them know that you did receive it and to thank them for their continued support. They love to know that they have helped in a big way.