How To Raise Ghost Shrimp Cheaply And Efficiently

Take females bearing eggs out and place into a critter keeper or gallon betta bowl containing a few drops of ammo lock, a few pinches of iodized salt and an air line that constantly oxygenates.

When you see little green nauplii, remove into a grow out tank with a straw (just suck em up) or a brine shrimp net.

The grow out tank should have the same conditions as the collecting tank

Place a few fish flakes and the air line will make the flakes small enough for the fry to filter feed

Frequent water changes are a must (every two days or so) and this eliminates the need for a filter that will suck up your nauplii

If you put enough food with the females, they will not eat the little fry long enough for you to collect them and move them

I have done this and as of now, my little shrimpies are free swimming, have molted a few times and look like mini versions of the adults. I’ve only lost about three or four out of a hundred or so. They are about a week and a half old (and i am still collecting)

A note on collecting the nauplii: the eggs will start out a dark green and eyes will not be visible. when they turn a light army green and you can see eyes, it means the female is getting close. if you see a few hanging off the female’s swimmerettes, it means that she is ready and you should keep and eye peeled. eggs that are separated from the mom do not hatch in my experience (I have removed eggs from dead females with forceps and they die in a day)

For collecting, either I put the moms in a broad container with 3 inches of water and suck up the nauplii in a straw (by placing finger over end of empty straw and then letting go and quickly replacing once the shrimp are in) or I use a brine shrimp net. either works…

Just throw in some fish flakes; enough so that there are some left at the end of the day. Before you go to bed, be sure to remove the uneaten ones and replace with fresh ones. As long as there are flakes left, it means she is not hungry for babies.

To remove external parasites, just take some of the shrimp in a net and dip them in a marine saltwater environ for 5-10 minutes. this will kill the parasites without killing the shrimp, but no longer than that. As for internal parasites, fish in the wild do not ingest sterile food, so your fish should be fine as well. The guys at the fish shop I go to swear by this method (and they love their fish so I take their word for it)

An air line is pretty important if your bowl is not well stocked with plants and it seems a bit small…

It’s good to put a lot of plants into your 10 gallon (lots of elodea is good – good for o2 and denitrifying) and putting the mother shrimp in there. When she has released her babies, you can take her out with an ordinary green mesh net as the nauplii will just slip through the holes. If you have no air line, that means you have to feed your little guys baby brine shrimp as the air line helps to break up crushed and disperse the fish flakes.