Asian Golden Clams

Origin: Asia
Temperature: 70-75°F (21-24°C)
Ease Of Keeping: easy
Adult Size: 1.5 inches (3.75cm)
Minimum Tank Size: 5g
Feeding: Eats suspended particles
Spawning Method: Does not breed in captivity

All about freshwater clams

Asian golden clams are the more popular freshwater clams. They grow to 1 or 1.5 inches wide. They typically bury themselves in the substrate and filter the water. You might see one edge of the clam poking above the substrate. The clam will be cracked open about 1mm and you might see 2 holes, one for water going in, the other for water going out. Clams eat ORGANIC matter suspended in the water, like algae and bacteria. They do not eat nitrates or ammonia, they will not harm fish, plants, or other animals. They cannot breed in your tank. They like less than tropical temperatures, like 70-75F.

At night they will sometimes use their “foot” to walk to another place in your aquarium. They are sensitive to nitrates and will die from bad water or from lack of food. If your water is clear, then don’t expect your clam to live long. They have survived 4 months in my tanks with clear water but I only have one left right now (I bought 30 ten months ago). They can eat small particles that are stirred up when you clean your tank. Therefore, sometimes I just stir up the sand in my tank with the clams so they will have something to filter out and eat.

If your tank is cloudy with green water or another color, add a clam and wait a few days. It should start to clear up.

A clam is dead if its shell opens up more than 2mm. Or if it is open about 45 degrees, it is certainly dead. When a clam dies the muscle that keeps the shell closed dies, and the shell opens.