“Had-A-Snail” is one of only 2 fish medictions that I regularly use. This product is made to kill snails in an aquarium, and it will certainly do that. But my use of it is a parasite killer. If your fish are attacked by Velvet, Ich or any kind of parasitic infestation this stuff will get rid of it. And it only takes one drop per gallon. “Had-A-Snail” is very economical, costing at the most 2 or 3 dollars for a small bottle that will last for a year or two.
“Had-A-Snail” is not for tanks in which you have snails, water fleas or any other crustatean type organisms that you want to keep, it will wipe them out also.
Here is a list of common aquarium maladies that “Had-A-Snail” will cure:

Had a Snail
Ich or Ick
Some types of algae
Planaria (Flat-worms)

“Had-A-Snail” is available from most (LFS) Local Fish Shops.
A simular but slightly weaker product is called “Aquarisol”.
Both are water soluable copper solutions.

Name: Mel888
I used a whole bottle of had a snail within a months time and it only killed the very very small baby snails. If the snails were say over a month old, it didn’t kill them. It also didn’t kill the eggs. My review, not so great. Perhaps I got a bad bottle or something. I’m willing to give it another shot.

Name : Rick
Had-a-snail does not work for me. Some but not all move up to the surface for a few hours, and you can scoop them off, but the eggs remain and are extremely hard to get rid of. The baby snails hid in the rocks and gravel and just keep growing, and within a few days are right back. Very frustrating trying to get rid of these.

Name: Clint
Sounds like had-a-snail may have changed their formula. I haven’t treid it in quite a while, but it used to be very potent.

Name: Milo
Comments: I had the same thing happen that Rick had. They just moved up. Made it easy to scoop them though. I may try a mega dose after I have another tank set up to put the fish in temporarily. Wouldn’t want to try with the fish in it.

Name: Rachel
Comments: This product did not work for me either.
None of the snails are dead.