Zebra Danio or Zebra Fish

Male left, female right © Janika

Scientific Name: Brachydanio rerio

Adult Size: 5cm (2 in)

Ease Of Keeping: Very Easy

Community Fish: Yes, Very Peaceful

Aquarium Requirements:

The Zebra Fish is an excellent beginner’s fish, always active, easy to feed, peaceful and very tolerant of less than optimum aquarium conditions. This fish is at it’s best when kept in a school of 6 or more, in neutral to slightly alkaline water with a temperature of about 24 C (74 F) , and plenty of free swimming space. Food for Zebras can include live or frozen brine shrimp, grindal worms etc., but they will get by just fine on flake food alone.

Bread And Butter Fish

The Zebra Fish has been called one of the “bread and butter” fishes because of it’s ease of keeping, continued popularity and it’s favorable price and availability.

Easy To Spawn

An extremely easy way to get some Zebra fry is to set-up a small tank of about 5 to 10 gallons, install an undergravel filter and use large pebbles instead of normal aquarium gravel. Let the adults stay in this tank for about a week, take them out and start feeding all the fry you will start finding in the tank. This works well because Zebras spawn just about all the time, but they are such avid eaters of their own eggs and fry you never get to see the fry. The large pebbles allow the eggs to fall deep bettween the cracks so the adults can’t get to them. A lot of people use glass marbles instead of pebbles with equal success.

Senthil Kumar has submitted a very good alternative spawning method.

Another simple way to breed zebra danios is to just keep them in their normal aquarium with the usual kind of gravel. Every once in a while one should vaccum the gravel and let the water sit for 2-3 days. Lots of babies are then found in this water.

An added benefit is that all that gravel grunge will supply enough microscopic food for the fry to eat for the first few days.