Serpae Tetra

Common Name: Serpae Tetra

Latin Name: Hyphessobrycon serpae

Origin: Central Amazon

Temperature: 73-80°F

Ease Of Keeping: Easy

Aggressivness: Peaceful

Adult Size: 2″ (5cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons

Feeding: Woms, bbs, flake food

Spawning Method: Egg layer

Males are much more slender than females
Serpaes are a very beautiful, and deeply red-colored fish. If stressed or sick, they will dull down in color almost to a grey with a slight hue of red. Feeding live foods and properly maintaining the quality of their water will make for a deeper red in color serpae.
Serpaes swim in all levels of the tank, but mainly stick to the middle. They are less aggressive if kept in a proper school of 6 or more, and usually only then, will they be aggressive amongst themselves while determining the pecking order. Once established, all chaos (if any) should be exhausted.

A personal opinion: I think Serpae Tetras and Tiger Barbs are a great combination to have in a well planted tank. The beautiful reds against the lush foilage makes for an outstanding color scheme.