Paradise Fish

Macropodus opercularis

Origin: East Asia, China, Korea

Temp: 61 – 89°F (16-32°C)

pH: 6.0 – 8.0 dH:- Not Important

Temperament: – Males sometimes fight similar to Betta Splendens

Adult Size: Up to 4in (10 cm)

Minimum Tank Size: 10 Gallons
Although they are capable of living in much smaller containers.

Feeding: – Easy to satisfy, will eat just about all standard aquarium foods. As an added benefit Paradise fish will eat planaria flatworms and even hydra in some cases.

Breeding: – Bubblenest builder, large quantities of eggs are produced and the fry are easily raised. The male will protect the eggs until hatching occurs.

Comments: The Paradise Fish is extremely hardy, easy to keep and undemanding. These fish can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and since they are air breathers they can survive in very small containers. They were the second ornamental fish introduced to Europe and caused a craze around the 1890’s where they were commonly kept in small glass jars. They are very colorful as you can see in the picture above. Their only drawback is their excessive aggression.